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As a warrioress of life & death I am, & will always be, in constant spiritual resistance against ignorance, humbly striving to bring back the great laws of Earth.

Ohki S. Forest

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Ohki Siminé Forest to Visit the U.S. ~ Fall 2016

Ohki offers spiritual retreats, seminars, drum circles, & Native healing ceremonies.  She is also available for private consultations with her Spirit guides for power animal retrievals, readings & personal clearings & healings.  Ohki will be visiting the U.S. in the Fall of 2016:

Boston, MA area – September 19 – October 4, 2016 ~ CLICK HERE for Brochure

Santa Fe, NM – October 11 – November 2, 2016 ~ CLICK HERE for Brochure


Celebrating 30 Years of Accomplishments!

CLICK HERE for Red Wind Council’s Celebratory Thanksgiving & Holiday 2015 Newsletter in which we share on the accomplishments of the Maya in Chiapas.  30 years of providing support for a wide variety of sustainable projects in the communities has truly made a difference in the lives of hundreds of Maya families.  With your support, we can do even more in the next 30 years!


Of Canadian Mohawk descent, Ohki is a vision-holder & spiritual teacher who has lived in Chiapas, Mexico since 1985 where she supports Maya social justice projects & fosters the renewal of traditional Native spirituality. Trained & initiated by Maya, Canadian & Mongolian shamans, she has taught a unified practice of ancient Native Medicine Wheel ways in North America & Mexico for 30 years. She is the author of DREAMING THE COUNCIL WAYS: True Native Teachings from the Red Lodge, one of the foremost books on matrifocal shamanism today which links sacred Earth ways with the indigenous vanguard of social justice. She is also a contributor to ORIGINAL INSTRUCTIONS: Indigenous Teachings for a Sustainable Future which includes essays from John Mohawk, Paula Gunn Allen, Winona LaDuke, John Trudell & Oren Lyons.

When Ohki was a small baby, a thunder-fireball fell on a centenary oak & her house. This was the first of a series of unparalleled signs that took her to meet shaman-teachers who shared with her that she had been chosen by the great Powers to learn ancient Medicine ways.

Initiated into the Wolf Clan of the Iroquois Long House in 1980, Ohki’s illuminating vision is the return of Council Ways through which all people can reclaim & renew the natural dignity, balance & justice that is the true dreaming of the Earth. Since 1985, Ohki has built & sustained 3 Medicine centers in Mexico & the U.S. dedicated to the renewal of indigenous spirituality & ancient Native teachings.

Conferences in North America


Ohki has been a keynote speaker at the Esalen Institute & Bioneers in CA, Denver University, Colorado College, Tesuque Pueblo Indigenous Seed conference, the Vedanta Centre in Cohasset, MA, Beaming Bioneers in Santa Fe, NM, Unitarian Churches, Southwestern College of Santa Fe, & the NM 2012 conference: Wisdom from the Origins with the 13 Grandmothers. In conferences throughout the U.S., she has taught for decades the necessity of women’s leadership for planetary balance, & her humility, practical wisdom & deep knowledge of Earth Ways have brought inspiration to thousands.

Ohki sits on the Council of Spiritual Elders at the Gitche M’ Qua Centre for Healing & Dying, a charitable organization in Toronto, Canada. The Council includes Ven. Dhyani Ywahoo, Cherokee & Buddhist Teacher & director of Sunray Meditation Society, & Roshi Joan Halifax, Buddhist Teacher & Founder of the Upaya Center in NM., click on Council Ways to learn more

North America Sponsored Visits

Red Wind Councils (, as U.S. NGO, sponsors Ohki in North America for transformative seminars on Council ways & spiritual warrior/ess trainings, which include guided meditations & journeys, drum circles, breathing & movement practices, & ceremonies such as sweat lodges, sacred dances & limpia healing, among others. She also provides personal guidance in the spirit world. She teaches people from all backgrounds how to walk the spiritual path as a true human, & how to use the Council ways as an illuminating map for understanding life & death.
Upcoming Events


Red Wind Councils, NGO

Ohki founded Red Wind Councils in 1985 in Chiapas, Mexico, which became a U.S. charitable non-profit organization in 2005 formed to support social justice & craft projects of the Maya in resistance against poverty & extermination. Her sustainable projects with Maya people include women’s development, healthcare funding, education, & farming projects, among others. Ohki collaborates directly with some of the most talented Maya artisans in Chiapas. By encouraging the recovery of their ancestral crafts, today they are more than ever inspired to rediscover & re-create their ancient Maya designs in naturally died cotton weavings & embroidered textiles, medicine masks, carved bone medicine pieces & sacred items for altars. Their dreams are given life in their exquisite, one-of-a-kind, handmade works of art for sale at U.S. craft events & during Ohki’s teaching visits.

CLICK HERE to read the story about “Ancient Fires Rekindled” in the Red Wind Councils Holiday Newsletter


Click here to read Ohki’s invitation to us all for entering the Red Lodge


The vision that a sincere seeker receives for his or her life springs from the very heart of the Earth & is linked to the great dream of all brothers & sisters. The expression of your personal vision can only exist as a pure manifestation of Spirit within yourself & the larger circle of community. For this, you need trust, courage, openness & determination.

Ohki’s vision is to assist in healing the First Wound of the Americas by helping manifest the return of the ancient Spiritual Warrior ways. This wound is the result of more than 500 years of aggressive attempts to exterminate Red people in the Americas & destroy their sacred Earth wisdom. Ohki offers a vital path for this important healing through her teachings on how to manifest the return of ancient Council ways, offering the promise of peace through unity of consciousness. The Medicine ways of the Spiritual Warriors are universal teachings connecting us to the language of our emotions & true feelings. We all share the same cry, fears & suffering, whether we are from China or Canada. Thus, humanity’s destiny is to become true humans living the great vision that our sacred Earth dreams for us.

To become a True Human is to strive with all our hearts to gain our spiritual totality.

Ohki’s teachings on the Council Wheel ways & Spiritual Warriorship trainings bring a process of learning that powerfully shifts cultural perspectives, fosters spiritual transformation & helps students of all cultures assume greater responsibility, respect & gratitude for the forces of the universe. In order to better assist with this essential purpose, Ohki has created Medicine Centers that support the renewal of indigenous spirituality & Native teachings, & heal the First Wound of the Americas. Now with the prophesized return of Earth ways, these Centers provide much needed islands of healing, gathering & spiritual communion.